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Dream Therapy can help you to get in touch with the subconscious part of yourself, understand symbolism in your dreams, and expand self-awareness.

Sharing about our dreams is a very important part of our cultural heritage and mental wellbeing since ancient times. Elders throughout all the world, remind us to put close attention to our dreams for they are a direct channel to our souls and the supernatural world. Dreams help us to know ourselves much better and show us the path to self-discovery. Dreams strengthen the connection between our conscious and our subconscious mind. They are an enormous help to our mental health, emotional stability, and life mission. According to Jung “Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche” and that “they show us the unvarnished, natural truth”. No wonder our ancestors had a special relationship with dreaming.

With the help of ritual, meditation, and gestalt therapy, dreams can help you process emotions, discover alternatives to difficulties you are encountering, and resolve conflict or pending issues. I won’t interpret the dreams for you. Gestalt therapy is an experiential therapy rather than an interpretive and verbal therapy. They are parts of your experience that are alienated or not assimilated and that are manifested in dream images as existential messages. I will accompany you, give you tools to walk the journey, and discover your truth. Your dreams will be our allies and guide.

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Services / Servicios.

Roberto Corona has been involved in community organizing from a young age. He has served as a catalyst for social change in small faith communities, interreligious groups, pro-immigrant organizations, indigenous communities, and human rights groups. Corona is a former Pastoral Associate for the Diocese of San Bernardino, a former Community Outreach Coordinator for the Human Rights Program at SMU (Southern Methodist University), and Founder of Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Roberto dedicates most of his time to family, and in his free time, he offers group therapy sessions, popular education workshops and wellness retreats to small groups and organizations. He is a cultural practitioner, therapist, and spiritual companion. Traditional rituals and ofrendas are essential elements of his practice.

Currently, Roberto is deepening his education on Gestalt and Transpersonal Psychology and forming Quinto Sol Therapy, a new effort to accompany people in their inner struggles and search for a meaningful socially engaged life.

Dream Therapy